Friends of Community Connections

Community Connections has grown at a tremendous rate over the past 11 years.  Beginning with one ACTS Jr. theatre program serving around 30 children in 2005, Community Connections has expanded to now offer football, soccer, theatre, music, art, basketball, cheerleading, marital arts, tennis and golf as well as autism support to nearly 600 children and their families each year.  With this exponential growth, we  put the Friends of Community Connections program into place to help ensure our programs’ sustainability for years to come.  Community Connections has always been proud to offer our activities, FREE of charge, to participants.  It is our goal to be a blessing- not a burden- to the families we serve, and to positively impact their lives.

In order to continue to offer our programs without a charge, we have implemented the Friends of Community Connections program.  We are asking you to please consider making a monthly, quarterly, or annual contribution (every bit helps!) to Community Connections.  

When you give:

  • Children with special needs are able to experience athletics and the arts like their typically developing siblings and peers.

  • Children with special needs gain increased self-esteem, learn social skills, and enjoy the experience of being a on a team and succeeding.

  • Siblings of children with special needs have activities that they can do with their brother/sister.

  • Parents and family members of children with special needs gain a support network of others who understand some of their unique challenges and lifestyle.

  • Volunteers and buddies learn to appreciate diversity and develop friendships with their peers with disabilities.

  • The community embraces children with disabilities and open their doors for our activities to be held.

All donations to Community Connections are tax-deductible and make a BIG difference in the lives of children and families.  We appreciate your support and could not make a difference without you!!!